South Korean President Impeached Af...

South Korean President Park Geun-hye had been impeached from office after a corruption scandal has formally ended amongst the millions of protesters a...

US Judges Refuse To Approve Travel ...

As the Federal Courts halt US President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban against seven Muslim-dominated countries, Trump said he would bring th...

EU Had The Most To Lose In Brexit

The Bank of England Governor Mark Carney was heavily opposed to UK's European exit but has turned his opinion towards the latter after admitting Europ...

Islamic State Captures Palmyra on S...

Islamic State forces have systematically captured the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria last Sunday. Russian airstrikes did not deter the efforts of th...

South Korean President Impeached After Court Decision

South Korean President Park Geun-hye had been impeached from office after a corruption scandal has formally ended amongst the millions of protesters against her on the streets. The country, divided by her corruption scandal, sees its first female president voted in 2012 fall with utter disgrace.

According to an eight-member panel of the South Korean Constitutional Court, Park Geun-hye is a criminal suspect. According to Park’s lawyer Seo Seok-gu, the decision by the panel was a “tragic decision” as it was populist motives that drove the Constitutional Court to become an “absurd court” where the criminal is judged despite facts presented.

This leaves the ousted South Korean President out of position as an interim president would hold a vote to choose the successor of the president. Majority of the country had voted to oust Park from her position according to surveys by local news outlets. However, many worried that the replacement of Park Geun-hye could further polarise and cause South Korean to completely destabilise.

South Korean police were ready for any sudden protests wearing complete riot gear. All military and police were on heightened alert after the court decision. Park’s supporters were angered and anguished over the ruling. Anti-Park protesters burned an effigy of Park Geun-hye dressed in prison clothes and tied up with a rope.

US Judges Refuse To Approve Travel Ban, US President Challenges Them In Court

As the Federal Courts halt US President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban against seven Muslim-dominated countries, Trump said he would bring the issue to the higher courts. The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled against Trump’s executive order, the third judiciary body to cast it out.

In Twitter, the US President said in all capital letters “See you in court, the security of our nation is at stake!” The Justices’ reason for stalling the executive order is the lack of evidence that the ban was for the country’s security, particularly in footage, activities and national status of the countries involved.

Using rhetoric, the US President said once terrorist attacks materialise on US soil, he would blame the judiciary. He also denigrated the judges who stalled the executive order.

According to Democratic Senator For New York Chuck Schumer, Trump should abandon the executive order to halt travel from travelers in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen as the lack of evidence and purpose of the executive order makes his motives to safeguard the country questionable.

Protests against the executive order continues as many immigrants and liberals declare Trump’s vision as racist and xenophobic. Trump’s order also included the temporal suspension of the US refugee programme, which led to immigrants including Green Card holders stranded in airports.

EU Had The Most To Lose In Brexit

The Bank of England Governor Mark Carney was heavily opposed to UK’s European exit but has turned his opinion towards the latter after admitting Europe has the most to lose from the Brexit. In a meeting with the Commons Treasury Select Committee, Mr Carney said EU’s financial stability is threatened by a UK exit as UK’s financial services plug out of the system. With the country as the centre of European finance for many SMEs and multinational corporations, the Europe will lose once the Brexit pushes through.


Mr Carney said: “At the point of leaving, there will be capacity taken out because certain institutions are not authorised.” He said it would affect Europe more than the United Kingdom. Early during the Brexit campaign of both the Leave and Stay campaigns, Mr Carney said the Brexit will have a huge impact in the short term and could increase the risk of recession.

Instead of a continuing weak pound sterling, the UK economy expanded effectively after the Brexit. According to figures three months after the Brexit, UK consumers continue to spend as investors regain confidence in the country.

Mark Carney said the UK should make it a point to maintain market access even after the Brexit. Carney said the BoE’s move to cut interest rates effectively helped keep afloat the economy and remove the immediate adverse effects of the UK Brexit.

Islamic State Captures Palmyra on Sunday Despite Heavy Russian Fortifications

Islamic State forces have systematically captured the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria last Sunday. Russian airstrikes did not deter the efforts of the Islamic militants. This is the second time the group has secured the ancient city — whose destruction of historic landmarks are attributed to.

According to reports, the city’s defences had collapsed due to heavy Russian bombing and Syrian regime force ground assaults. An Islamic State reinforcement call to Raqqa had helped the Islamic State secure the city once again.

According to Syrian Rebels, the Islamic State is preying on the thinned forces of the Syrian Regime to recapture lost cities in earlier battles. Syria has concentrated its attacks against Syrian opposition rebels to reclaim the capital Aleppo diverting resources and manpower from other regions into the key area.

Russia’s air strikes only helped to force militants out of the city centre overnight. The following day, militants have captured the ancient Crusader Castle and they have wrested control from the Syrian regime in Palmyra once again. Russian forces report that they have killed more than 300 militants from their 64 air strikes throughout the day.

It was in March when regime forces first captured the city of Palmyra from the Islamic State. It was seen as the biggest reversal of the conflict against the Islamic State.

UK Occupations That Involve Heavy Risk of Work Accidents

During the end of the year workers on oil rigs, factories and mines are wary of their safety much more than they do for the rest of the year. Their families depend on them for livelihood and they need to concentrate immensely on their task further.

But the end of the year deadlines haunt them further to meet quotas and put in more time to work than rest in turn increasing the likelihood of work accidents from happening.

Listed here are three UK occupations that have a huge health risk among workers.


UK’s construction crews are well-trained, protected and equipped compared to the rest of the world. But contractors themselves could not protect their employees from the high likelihood of any accident at work as it is part of job’s nature.

Toiling day and night into constructing, repairing and improving infrastructures or roads would mean the frequent use of heavy-duty equipment. With a minor mistake, workers could have themselves faced with possible accidents, which is why it is important that training and equipment employers provide efficiently to them.

Chemical Research and Development

One might think that pharmaceutical companies or any chemical research and development centre is an easy job.

It is never easy. Chemists are well-trained in their subject and understand the volatility and relationships of certain chemicals. While they have health insurance for most possible accidents that can happen to them, the harm is consistent.

Chemical research also involves understanding relationships between chemicals discovering their possible volatility point. Deliberately inducing an unstable event will always result in undesirable and possibly harmful situations for everyone involved.


From being part of an underground team to operating heavy machinery and purifying elements on the surface, mining is a dirty business. It’s not because of the eponymous mines, but the risk of being endangered and even die on the job.

Deceased employees must inform their families regarding the methods on how they could claim benefits upon any possible unfortunate circumstance encountered.

Further Protests Shut Down South African Universities

Student protesters and police continue skirmishes outside school grounds continue this week as universities shut down during a critical time of the semester.

South Africa’s Wits and Cape Town universities suspended classes on Wednesday for a second time the previous month.

The student protests root from the higher cost of education. According to many black students, the costs have become a symbol of the inequalities that endure in South Africa more than two decades after the lifting of the apartheid system.

A spokeswoman for the University of the Witwatersrand, known as Wits, and which reopened on Monday after protests last month forced a shutdown, said late on Tuesday that classes would be canceled until Oct. 10.

“We have agreed to suspend the academic program,” Shirona Patel said.

Wits, which has been the epicenter of the protests, conducted a poll last week asking students if they wanted go back to class.

Police had come in riot equipment. They had fired stun grenades and used rubber bullets and tear gas after students calling for free education in Wits.

The protesters threw stones at police and even flipped one vehicle over.

UCT spokeswoman Pat Lucas said that protesters had in the early hours of Wednesday attacked private security guards, broken into some buildings and started fires. Eight students had been arrested in the preceding day’s violence.

Iran-Saudi Rivalry Concerns OPEC

Tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia is likely to hold OPEC back from achieving maximum oil production — which may indicate a rise in oil production for the oil organisation.

Analysts said that geopolitical complexities within the group could mean an immense rise in oil prices in the region. The rise is unlikely to affect major countries as the price of oil had turned down in the last few years due to excess supply from traditional producers and shale oil producers in the United States.

“The relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran are just so, so poor I can’t see any scenario under which Saudi Arabia would cut without Iran freezing and Iran has said so consistently that they just will not freeze until they reach pre-sanctions levels,” BMI Research ‘s oil and gas analyst, Emma Richards, told CNBC recently.

Fitch Group’s research arm BMI Research was not expecting an agreement on the production freeze at the informal meeting on the back of the conflicts within OPEC, with tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran the “main impediment” to a deal, the house said in a recent report.

“We’re talking about a long-term i.e. 1,400-year chasm between the Sunni side and the Shia side. OPEC has only been around for 60 years so what we’re looking at now is the greatest chasm between the Sunni side of OPEC and the Shia side of OPEC,” Stephen Schork, Editor of the Schork report.

Merkel is The Only Remaining Voice In Europe

Populist Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) far-right party continues to gain supporters. Analysts said that it has effectively beaten German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party in her own home.

According to some, it represents a great threat to German democracy as the country approaches its federal elections the next year.

The far-right party could quash Mrs Merkel’s chances of a fourth term. Analysts said the AfD could defeat Angela Merkel and it has gained influence without having a refugee or foreign face in sight. The experts also elaborated that it indicated the hollow nature of xenophobia.

Analysts said that the results could be shocking and embarrassing for Mrs Merkel. However, she does not have a figurehead of another party as a clear rival. Even if the AfD could gain strength, experts said without a possible figure, there is no chance the other party could win.

In both Germany and across Europe the polls are clear; the majority people do not want to live in the world of the AfD or the National Front. Only concrete successes at home – tackling the nitty-gritty issues of housing, healthcare and schools where migration and austerity pinches – will give leaders like Mrs Merkel the political credibility to tackle head-on the scaremongering and empty promises of the populists.

China Might Reset The Global Economy

According to CBC news’ Economic Analyst Don Pittis, China’s own internal crisis may spark a change in the Global Economy. He believes the results are not as positive as anyone would think.

Mr Pittis said that analysts see climbing stock markets have shown an “ominous feeling of escalating pressure” that may need a crisis to bring things back to balance. He stressed that if China would take one for the team, they can be the biggest catalyst.

Billionaire investor George Soros said that China might be getting itself into or is priming itself for a possible storm.

“I think there’s an eerie resemblance of what’s happening in China to what happened here leading up to the financial crisis, 2007-2008,” Soros said during an Asia Society event in New York earlier this year. “It’s similarly fuelled by credit growth and an eventually unsustainable expansion of credit.”

The International Monetary fund had expressed its own concern about China’s “unsustainably high growth targets” which endanger companies that may default on loans and create a “difficult landing” when the bubble bursts.

Chinese media had reacted negatively to Mr Soros and the IMF’s analysis with provocative editorials reading about the west declaring war on China’s currency.

The country is also convinced that the Sept 4 and 5 summits would tackle not its unscrupulous activities in the South China Sea but rather its economic travels that affect many markets the world over.

China’s market is seeing difficulty but it does not mean that its factions are not open to experimentation. However, Mr Pittis said the various methods used are still dependent on the personal power of individuals and it can yet allow the country to reach equilibrium.

UN To Condemn North Korean Missile Launches

According to the United States Ambassador Samantha Power, the United Nations is to condemn the latest North Korean missile launches towards Japanese soil.

US Ambassador Samantha Power said during an emergency meeting that across the board “strong condemnations” from 15 council members had encouraged her that the missile launches would be condemned.

A few hours ago, South Korean and Japanese officials noted a signature of medium-range ballistic missiles fired on Wednesday. The missiles flew about 620 miles and had landed near Japan’s territorial waters.

It was the first time a missile had landed in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), extending about 200 nautical miles from the shore.

US Strategic Command confirmed that a second missile exploded immediately after it launched.

Britain’s deputy UN ambassador Peter Wilson said as he headed into the emergency council meeting they were concerned that it was the first time a North Korean missile had landed in Japan’s EEZ.

“Our objective in this meeting is to draw attention to that fact, but also to come together to very, very clearly condemn it,” he said.

After the meeting, Japan’s UN Ambassador Koro Bessho was heartened by the “many messages of solidarity” after his appeal to the council to be united and send a strong message to the world and especially to North Korea that its actions are “totally unacceptable”.