Hunt for EgyptAir MS804 Begins in M...

A joint task force between France, Greece, Turkey and the United States are searching for the remains of EgyptAir's flight MS804 following its distres...

Egyptian Official Blames Tom And Je...

Violent video games along with western cartoon violence urge young men to become 'happy' to kill, according to Egyptian Head of State Information Serv...

Ecuador Hit By Aftershocks After 7....

Barely recovering from Saturday's immense earthquake, Ecuador is rocked once again by a 6 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake on Saturday is the f...

Trump “Almost Thrown Overboar...

Wisconsin played out differently from what Presidential Hopeful and US Favourite Donald Trump thought it would be. Ted Cruz took Wisconsin primary ...

Hunt for EgyptAir MS804 Begins in Mediterranean

A joint task force between France, Greece, Turkey and the United States are searching for the remains of EgyptAir’s flight MS804 following its distress signal and sudden disappearance from radar.


The passenger airbus carried 66 people from Paris to Cairo. It had issued a distress signal shortly after it disappeared from tower radar.

According to EgyptAir, it had found part of the wreckage and life jackets near the Island of Karpathos in Crete, Greece.

However, Ahmed Adel, Vice President of EgyptAir said it wasn’t their aircraft.

Egypt is currently searching all the waters in the area the aircraft was last spotted on radar.

The United States have dispatched a p-3 Orion Maritime Surveillance aircraft from its Sicilian base.

Egyptian Aviation Minister Sherif Fathi said he didn’t wish to draw conclusions. But he said

“The possibility of having a different action or a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having a technical failure.”

Meanhwile, French authorities said their information confirms the plane has crashed and immediately disappeared. French President Francois Hollande said “we have a duty to know everything about the cause and what has happened.

About 30 Egyptians were on board the plane. France said it had 15 nationals on board.

Other passengers were two Iraqis and one national per country from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Kuwait, Sudan, Chad, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Canada and Algeria.

Egyptian Official Blames Tom And Jerry For Violence in the Region

Violent video games along with western cartoon violence urge young men to become ‘happy’ to kill, according to Egyptian Head of State Information Service Abdel Sadeq.

The official said:

“[The cartoon] portrays violence in a funny manner, and gives the impression that, yes, I can hit him, and I can blow him up with explosives,” Salan Abdel Sadeq told the audience at a conference titled “The Media and the Culture of Violence” at Cairo University.

“Video games are spreading…it has become normal for a young man to sit for long hours playing video games, killing and spilling blood. He is happy and content with that.”

Egypt’s own internal media production did not escape the official’s criticism. However, Sadeq has not confirmed whether to urge censorship.

Many criticised Sadeq’s implication of Tom and Jerry along with videogames as a major factor in urging violence.

One Egyptian Twitter user said:

“Good, so Tom and Jerry are terrorists – my niece loves watching it and if we stopped her we’d have to call the police”

Some had said Sadeq had failed to include the previous Muslim Brotherhood, the party list of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and is labelled as a terrorist group.

“Not the Muslim Brotherhood then?! Egyptian official holds Tom and Jerry responsible for violence in the Middle

Ecuador Hit By Aftershocks After 7.8 Magnitude Saturday Earthquake

Barely recovering from Saturday’s immense earthquake, Ecuador is rocked once again by a 6 magnitude earthquake.

The earthquake on Saturday is the first Ecuador has faced in four decades. The earthquakes had killed about 587 people with thousands still missing.

The new magnitude-6 earthquake had struck around 62 miles north-northwest of Portoviejo with a depth of six miles, according to the US Geological Survey.

The local authorities have yet to estimate anything on injuries or damages in the area.

Saturday’s earthquake was the worst to hit the South American country in decades and had cost the country about £2.1 billion in damages.

Foreign aid and experts have arrived in the area to assess the situation. About 14,000 security personnel had been deployed in the area to prevent looting.

Supplies have been moved to the main towns and shelters set up for more than 25,000 people in football stadiums and airports, but badly damaged roads have delayed transport.

One man, asked to stay calm by an official at a food distribution point outside the town of Pedernales, showed his frustration.

“I can be patient,” he shouted back. “But not the children! They are crying.”

Trump “Almost Thrown Overboard” By Wisconsin Loss

Wisconsin played out differently from what Presidential Hopeful and US Favourite Donald Trump thought it would be.

Ted Cruz took Wisconsin primary with majority of delegates voting in favour of the Wisconsin-endorsed GOP representative.

Cruz secured his victory in the Badger State’s Republican primary Tuesday. Trump finished in second.

About 42 delegates in the states had gone to Cruz. Nationwide, he has about 18 delegates.

However, he’s still far behind to chase after Donald Trump, who has won majority of the delegates in different states.

His poor performance in WIsconsin was attributed to a poor contextual reading.

Wisconsin, first viewed as a white-majority state, is far from ideological and is more secular at best according to political analysts.

Trump had insulted Republican Scott Walker and Paul D. Ryan. Walker had endorsed Ted Cruz to Winsconsin, stating that “if you’ve liked what we’ve done to Wisconsin, it would be wise to vote Cruz”.

Trump, meanwhile, will need very strong performances across the Northeast, California, and other states including Indiana and West Virginia.

Analysts believe Trump can achieve the following but it also means doing away with unnecessary fracas that could ruin his political tactics.


Areas of Military Technological Advancement

It is very important for the United States military to stay current in terms of their technology- falling behind and using equipment that is out-of-date could result in lives being lost. Therefore, the government is always exploring ways to improve their technology in a wide variety of areas. This has allowed them to earn the reputation of being the most advanced military in the world. Here are some of the areas of military technological advancement that America has been focusing on over the past several years.

1. Aircraft

The sophistication of American military aircraft has always been one of the things that sets it apart from other militaries around the world. That having been said, the United States can never just sit around and hope that other countries will not catch up to them. They are always looking for ways to make their planes more efficient in terms of flying reconnaissance and assault missions. The planes that are used by the Navy and the Air Force are faster and more maneuverable than the vast majority of planes that are used by other countries. They are also more fuel efficient. This is important because it means the planes will not need to return to their base as often to get more fuel.

2. Artillery

A military would not be anything without a large amount of powerful artillery at their disposal. The weapons that the U.S. military uses are getting more advanced every day. These advances have been put on display countless times during various military operations around the world. The large-caliber guns that are currently being used during operations in the Middle East have the capability to fire their ammunition at an incredibly fast rate. The speed with which these guns are able to fire has been increased significantly over the past several years. Also, the guns have been made much lighter in order to make them easier to transport.

3. Security

United States military bases will always be a prime target for terrorists. Therefore, their security is one of the primary concerns of the government. Many exciting pieces of technology have been developed in an effort to keep American military bases safe and secure. For example, barriers are used to prevent vehicles from being rammed through the gates of a military base. Truck bombs are often used by terrorists in these types of attacks. These barriers make such an attack impossible. Some of the best anti-ram vehicle barriers in the industry are made by a company called Gibraltar.

4. Body armor

Soldiers are inevitably going to be fired upon when they are involved in operations on enemy soil. Therefore, it is imperative that these soldiers are outfitted with body armor that is able to sufficiently protect them in the event that they are hit with a bullet or shrapnel from a bomb. Body armor has been around in various forms for many years. However, it has certainly come a long way in terms of its protective capabilities. The body armor that is issued to American soldiers can now stop bullets fired from guns that were previously thought to be unstoppable. This body armor is also designed to prevent knives from being able to penetrate it. It is not an exaggeration to say that these advances in body armor technology have already saved thousands of American lives.

Bernie Sanders To Talk About Middle East

A US Candidate for Presidency’s speech for his or her outlook of having Middle East the peace it needs could be the boon or bane of his or her presidential campaign, according to experts. Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders is about to lay out his vision and plans for the peace in the Middle East.

Sanders, known for criticising the economic inequality in the United States, is Jewish. He pled for a more humane handling of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

“To be successful, we have to be a friend not only to Israel, but to the Palestinian people, where in Gaza, they suffer from an unemployment rate of 44 percent—the highest in the world—and a poverty rate nearly equal to that,” Sanders said, according to a prepared text of his remarks.

He then moved on to talk about the Islamic militant group ISIS. He said the failure of Middle East nations to stop ISIS is the failure of wealthy elites in the nations. He said that Qatar’s $200 billion funding on the World Cup Soccer Stadium is enough to help the Middle East outfit its forces to fight terrorism in its area.

Sanders pointed out that the wealthy and powerful nations in the region should no longer depend on the United States to help them.

EU Referendum May Lead To Market Turmoil

Observers fear that the UK-EU referendum date may create a credit squeeze for the United Kingdom. The Bank of England had pledged to provide extra bank funding to ensure this would not happen. The move has increased fears that Britain could face fiscal destabilisation, which may unhinge its delicate financial markets.

On June 23, UK citizens will vote for the UK to stay in or get out of the European Union. For three days, the Bank of England will open its lending facility as a precautionary measure to help Britain’s financial sector from suffering an immense credit crunch. Two days before the referendum and a day after, the Bank of England will support short-term borrowing.

According to a Royal Bank of Scotland report on risks, the political ramifications of increasing economic and operational security may affect the referendum’s outcome.

“The referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU during this parliament increases economic and operational uncertainty. The result may also give rise to further political uncertainty regarding Scottish independence,” it said.

Barclays’ separate report indicates the UK is better with the EU:

ued its customers would be better off if the UK stayed in the EU, said last week: “In the UK, the referendum on EU membership gives rise to some political uncertainty and raises the possibility of a disruptive and uncertain exit from the EU, with attendant consequences for investment and confidence.

Europe Still Divided On Refugee Crisis Before Summit

A great number of European countries are sealing its borders, indicating that Europe’s unification on the refugee crisis is  significantly fragmented.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is trying to salvage its open door-policy as Balkan routes see closed doors from growing numbers of EU countries.

Four anti-immigration eastern European countries demanded for new EU policies by the following month. Hungary’s zero-immigration might be imported to the Balkans to seal Macedonia’s border. This would clog refugee numbers in Greece until they are deported back to Turkey.

The planned bottleneck could cause a security and humanitarian emergency within days from Greece. It would be cut off from the Schengen free-travel zone due to the bottleneck. Greece’s failure to secure the maritime border for Turkish immigrants may have it face temporary eviction from Schengen.

Support for Merkel’s policy is fading. Austria announced stiffer border controls this February. It said it would limit migrant entry to 3,200 daily from Friday.

According to a European Commissioner, “you can’t have 20 EU countries refusing to take in refugees.”

Merkel’s policies are also under fire from Germans despite many voicing out providing support for refugees affected by war, terror and prosecution.

Asia, Africa The Worst To Be Hit By Zika Virus Outbreak

The poorest, impoverished communities will contribute to the rapid spread of infections in Asia and African communities, leaving the countries vulnerable to the disease when it arrives.

Zika, a disease that is believed to cause microcephaly among unborns and newborns, is transmitted by mosquito bites. Lately it has been proven that blood transfusion and sexual intercourse could also spread the disease. A Texas patient contracted the disease through sexual transmission.

Thailand was the first Asian country to confirm a man who contracted the virus. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, a domestic case of the virus had been reported.

WHO Expert Anthony Costello said that the disease born in South America can leave the country and travel to other countries. According to him 25 countries have already reported Zika Cases.

Zika was first found in Uganda in 1947, causing mild flu-like symptoms and a rash. The WHO suspects the virus as responsible for the rapid rise of microcephaly many regions. The disease halts the brain development in unborns and newborns, causing their heads to shrink in size.

Meanwhile, previous pandemics, including MERS that killed 36 people and a few hundred more in the Middle east is declared officially ended.

Markets Are Fearing Iran’s Economic Return

For many investors, oil makes up a big chunk of their investments. Oil recently fell in value due to overproduction. Iran’s re-entry into the global oil market spells doom for Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other oil producing countries.

Investors both rejoiced and feared at the less-than-$30-a-barrel of oil.

Oil isn’t the biggest issue for many analysts. The country’s vast natural resources and a huge population of young consumers would upset the balance of supply and demand in the global market today.

On Wednesday, oil had extremely dropped in value upon the opening of the market. The US Dow Jones industrial average closed down by 1.56% after it failed twice earlier the same day.

Analysts view the US energy industry is the one to suffer heavily from the oil price drop from Iran. North Dakota and Texas are to suffer immensely with companies making u-turns in investments and costs as overproduction bears down on the industry.

However, lower oil prices could mean US consumers’ activities may increase. Consumer spending increases can help propel the US economy at a significant but limited rate.

Iran’s 30% population of investors ranging from 65 dollar-millionaires to 4 dollar-billionaires may also contribute to the US luxury properties market. As they are expected to improve the value of London’s properties, analysts said that for the US and Europe, property markets may improve the same manner Singapore and Hong Kong investors improved real estate in many Western countries.