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US Judges Refuse To Approve Travel Ban, US President Challenges Them In Court

As the Federal Courts halt US President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban against seven Muslim-dominated countries, Trump said he would bring the issue to the higher courts. The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled against Trump’s executive order, the third judiciary body to cast it out.

In Twitter, the US President said in all capital letters “See you in court, the security of our nation is at stake!” The Justices’ reason for stalling the executive order is the lack of evidence that the ban was for the country’s security, particularly in footage, activities and national status of the countries involved.

Using rhetoric, the US President said once terrorist attacks materialise on US soil, he would blame the judiciary. He also denigrated the judges who stalled the executive order.

According to Democratic Senator For New York Chuck Schumer, Trump should abandon the executive order to halt travel from travelers in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen as the lack of evidence and purpose of the executive order makes his motives to safeguard the country questionable.

Protests against the executive order continues as many immigrants and liberals declare Trump’s vision as racist and xenophobic. Trump’s order also included the temporal suspension of the US refugee programme, which led to immigrants including Green Card holders stranded in airports.

Trump “Almost Thrown Overboard” By Wisconsin Loss

Wisconsin played out differently from what Presidential Hopeful and US Favourite Donald Trump thought it would be.

Ted Cruz took Wisconsin primary with majority of delegates voting in favour of the Wisconsin-endorsed GOP representative.

Cruz secured his victory in the Badger State’s Republican primary Tuesday. Trump finished in second.

About 42 delegates in the states had gone to Cruz. Nationwide, he has about 18 delegates.

However, he’s still far behind to chase after Donald Trump, who has won majority of the delegates in different states.

His poor performance in WIsconsin was attributed to a poor contextual reading.

Wisconsin, first viewed as a white-majority state, is far from ideological and is more secular at best according to political analysts.

Trump had insulted Republican Scott Walker and Paul D. Ryan. Walker had endorsed Ted Cruz to Winsconsin, stating that “if you’ve liked what we’ve done to Wisconsin, it would be wise to vote Cruz”.

Trump, meanwhile, will need very strong performances across the Northeast, California, and other states including Indiana and West Virginia.

Analysts believe Trump can achieve the following but it also means doing away with unnecessary fracas that could ruin his political tactics.


Areas of Military Technological Advancement

It is very important for the United States military to stay current in terms of their technology- falling behind and using equipment that is out-of-date could result in lives being lost. Therefore, the government is always exploring ways to improve their technology in a wide variety of areas. This has allowed them to earn the reputation of being the most advanced military in the world. Here are some of the areas of military technological advancement that America has been focusing on over the past several years.

1. Aircraft

The sophistication of American military aircraft has always been one of the things that sets it apart from other militaries around the world. That having been said, the United States can never just sit around and hope that other countries will not catch up to them. They are always looking for ways to make their planes more efficient in terms of flying reconnaissance and assault missions. The planes that are used by the Navy and the Air Force are faster and more maneuverable than the vast majority of planes that are used by other countries. They are also more fuel efficient. This is important because it means the planes will not need to return to their base as often to get more fuel.

2. Artillery

A military would not be anything without a large amount of powerful artillery at their disposal. The weapons that the U.S. military uses are getting more advanced every day. These advances have been put on display countless times during various military operations around the world. The large-caliber guns that are currently being used during operations in the Middle East have the capability to fire their ammunition at an incredibly fast rate. The speed with which these guns are able to fire has been increased significantly over the past several years. Also, the guns have been made much lighter in order to make them easier to transport.

3. Security

United States military bases will always be a prime target for terrorists. Therefore, their security is one of the primary concerns of the government. Many exciting pieces of technology have been developed in an effort to keep American military bases safe and secure. For example, barriers are used to prevent vehicles from being rammed through the gates of a military base. Truck bombs are often used by terrorists in these types of attacks. These barriers make such an attack impossible. Some of the best anti-ram vehicle barriers in the industry are made by a company called Gibraltar.

4. Body armor

Soldiers are inevitably going to be fired upon when they are involved in operations on enemy soil. Therefore, it is imperative that these soldiers are outfitted with body armor that is able to sufficiently protect them in the event that they are hit with a bullet or shrapnel from a bomb. Body armor has been around in various forms for many years. However, it has certainly come a long way in terms of its protective capabilities. The body armor that is issued to American soldiers can now stop bullets fired from guns that were previously thought to be unstoppable. This body armor is also designed to prevent knives from being able to penetrate it. It is not an exaggeration to say that these advances in body armor technology have already saved thousands of American lives.

Bernie Sanders To Talk About Middle East

A US Candidate for Presidency’s speech for his or her outlook of having Middle East the peace it needs could be the boon or bane of his or her presidential campaign, according to experts. Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders is about to lay out his vision and plans for the peace in the Middle East.

Sanders, known for criticising the economic inequality in the United States, is Jewish. He pled for a more humane handling of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

“To be successful, we have to be a friend not only to Israel, but to the Palestinian people, where in Gaza, they suffer from an unemployment rate of 44 percent—the highest in the world—and a poverty rate nearly equal to that,” Sanders said, according to a prepared text of his remarks.

He then moved on to talk about the Islamic militant group ISIS. He said the failure of Middle East nations to stop ISIS is the failure of wealthy elites in the nations. He said that Qatar’s $200 billion funding on the World Cup Soccer Stadium is enough to help the Middle East outfit its forces to fight terrorism in its area.

Sanders pointed out that the wealthy and powerful nations in the region should no longer depend on the United States to help them.

The Epidemic of Homeless Veterans

When people encounter a homeless person in parks or on the streets, they may be shocked to learn that the person they are looking at may have actually served their country in the Armed Forces. In the US, according to the homeless advocacy organization Green Doors, although only eight percent of the American population qualifies for veteran status, as much as 17 percent of the homeless population is made up of veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reported that as many as 76,000 veterans were homeless and living on the streets in 2010.

Statistics on Homeless Veterans

Statistics show that veterans are 50 percent more likely to become homeless than the rest of the American population. Veterans often lack support and suffer from social isolation after being discharged from the service. The divorce rate among veterans is very high so that many veterans live alone. Many veterans are living below the poverty level and paying more than 50 percent of their household income on rent, making them more at risk for homelessness. The incidence of homeless female veterans is also rising. In 2006, there were 150 homeless female veterans and, in 2011, that number rose to 2011. Half of the homeless veterans suffer from mental illness and two-thirds suffer from substance abuse. Many homeless veterans suffer from what is known as dual-diagnosis where they have been diagnosed with both mental illness and substance abuse. Veterans spend, on average, six years homeless compared to four years for non-veteran homeless.

1Department of Veterans Affairs

The VA offers many specialized homeless veterans services, such as healthcare and job training. The department provides services to more than 250,000 veterans throughout the country. However, it is difficult for the VA to manage all the factors that can cause a veteran to become homeless, which is why they enter into partnerships with other organizations to provide assistance to those who have served the country but are now living on the streets.

Non-Profit Organizations

There are many  available that provide assistance to homeless veterans. Volunteers for these organizations work with the veterans to help them find jobs, get transportation and eventually find housing that they can afford. Some of the organizations who provide these services include:

The Bob Parsons Veterans Center – created by the founder of GoDaddy, this center offers academic advising, guidance on financial aid and counseling to veterans at the University of Baltimore. Parsons created the center at his alma mater in an effort to repay the Marine Corps for what they did for him as a young man.

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans – a network of community-based service providers at the local, state and national level that provide housing, food and other services to homeless veterans.

Volunteers of America – since World War I, this group has provided direct services to veterans while also providing them with resources that can help them get back on their feet.

Volunteering for one of these worthwhile organizations offers individuals a way to repay a service man or woman for their service to the country. By providing veterans with the tools they need to succeed, the homeless veteran population can be reduced significantly.

Mid-East Flight Passenger Caught With £500,000 Cash Hidden in Suitcase

A flight passenger travelling from New York to the Middle East had been caught travelling with thousands of pounds hidden away in food packets, trainers, and health products.

Abdulkarim Altareb travelled to the JFK airport on 1 March having large wads of money hidden in different areas and items of his suitcase. The 48-year old Yemen flew from Qatar. He said the family was for his “really big family.”

He said the money was his two brothers’ money and they were trying to construct a building in Yemen.

Upon interrogation, the original account from the US Customs and Border Protection officers said:

“The defendant also said, in sum and substance, that some of the money was his money and some of the money belonged to his family, and that he has a big family.”

A source from law enforcement said no indication the money could be used to fund terrorist activities. However, Abdulkarim Altareb had been charged with bulk cash smuggling and he will be tried in court this week. He was also denied bail during his first hearing.

Obama Proposes Military Aid to European Countries Worried About Russia

UK Prime Minister David Cameron had compared Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions to that of Hitler during the Second World War after it had chosen to annex Crimea and is continuing to threaten the Ukrainian border, despite a small retreat of troops in the area. Eastern European countries worried about being “next-in-line” to Russia’s military movements can ask for military support from the United States.

US President Barack Obama had promised military support for its eastern European allies. Obama said that the US is planning to spend up to $1 billion to support NATO forces on NATO states on Russia’s borders. They are also reviewing permanently stationing troops in Europe.

According to political analysts, this plan should help raise the reputation of Obama’s frequent European and Asian tours reassuring leaders of US support in light of differing conflicts in regions. However, they also said the move could start another “arms race” as Russia could reciprocate and double up on its forces and allies in different regions.

Obama said that “The United States is proud to bear its share of the defence of the transatlantic alliance. It is the cornerstone of our security.”

Putin is to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Holland and British Prime Minister David Cameron. However, Putin has no plans to meet Obama.


John Kerry to Talk to Russia As Ukraine Tensions Continue

US Secretary of State John Kerry will meet with Moscow representatives on Friday to tackle the Crimean annexation. He warned Russia of a serious backlash over Sunday’s referendum regarding the violation of Ukraine’s constitution and international law based on the annexation of Crimea as part of Russia.

Kerry and Lavrov will meet again to talk about the tension between Ukraine and Moscow as tensions continue between the two countries particularly due to Russia sending troops to Crimea to protect a small community of Russians in the state and capturing several government buildings and military bases in the process, which began on February 22.

The conflict started when the new Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s new pro-Western administration had declared the Russian language as not part of the national Ukrainian system. Russian President Vladimir Putin decided not to recognize Yatsenyuk and invaded Crimea upon the departure of the controversial, Russian-sided ex-Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych.

On Sunday, Crimeans are to vote for the future of their country either to annex itself with Russia or strengthening their own autonomy with Ukraine.

Kerry is to question the massive military drills of Russian near Ukraine and seek commitment to stop putting new facts to the ground and to commit engaging seriously on ways the entire situation could de-escalate.


US-Russia Representatives Find Light Moment Despite Syrian Peace Talks

Delegation gifts are common courtesies for government leaders all over the world. The recent meeting of US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov yielded bizarre gifts that gave a lighter note to possibly grim and unpredictable peace talks in Syria.

Lavrov had brought in two Russian Ushankas as delegation gifts. These are traditional Russian fur hats that have earflaps that tie to the top of the hat. The two hats went to two women on Kerry’s press staff. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki received a bubblegum-pink version of the hat.

In return, Kerry handed Lavrov Idaho potatoes, which he said were proper gifts because he came from Idaho and Lavrov associated Idaho with potatoes. Kerry found this out as he talked with Lavrov on the phone while he was in Idaho over the holidays.

Kerry joked that Lavrov told him he would not make vodka from the potatoes, which Lavrov said that it is only in Poland that they derive vodka from potatoes.

The Secretary of State made it clear that there is no hidden meaning with the potatoes or any metaphorical symbolism. He just wanted to surprise Lavrov with some good Idaho potatoes.


UN General Assembly: US Lays Down its Middle East Plans

During the UN General Assembly in New York, US President Barack Obama explains the United States’ role in the on-going conflict in the Middle East. The new US plan allows the United States to use all of its resources to defend its interests in the Middle East.

The President laid out the “core interests” of the American people in the Middle East and promised consequences for the Syrian regime if it fails to keep up with its agreement regarding the handover and destruction of its chemical weapons by mid-2014.

The four core interests of the US as said by the president, are as follows:

“We will confront external aggression against our allies and partners, as we did in the Gulf War.

We will ensure the free flow of energy from the region to the world. Although America is steadily reducing our own dependence on imported oil, the world still depends upon the region’s energy supply, and a severe disruption could destabilize the entire global economy.

We will dismantle terrorist networks that threaten our people. Wherever possible, we will build the capacity of our partners, respect the sovereignty of nations, and work to address the root causes of terror. But when its necessary to defend the United States against terrorist attacks, we will take direct action.

And finally, we will not tolerate the development or use of weapons of mass destruction. Just as we consider the use of chemical weapons in Syria to be a threat to our own national security, we reject the development of nuclear weapons that could trigger a nuclear arms race in the region, and undermine the global non-proliferation regime.”

US President Obama also highlighted the positivity of the relations between the United States and Iran. Iran’s new President, Hassan Rouhani, called for diplomacy. Rouhani wanted to tone down the sanctions Iran is facing because of its nuclear programme by talking to the United States.