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South Korean President Impeached After Court Decision

South Korean President Park Geun-hye had been impeached from office after a corruption scandal has formally ended amongst the millions of protesters against her on the streets. The country, divided by her corruption scandal, sees its first female president voted in 2012 fall with utter disgrace.

According to an eight-member panel of the South Korean Constitutional Court, Park Geun-hye is a criminal suspect. According to Park’s lawyer Seo Seok-gu, the decision by the panel was a “tragic decision” as it was populist motives that drove the Constitutional Court to become an “absurd court” where the criminal is judged despite facts presented.

This leaves the ousted South Korean President out of position as an interim president would hold a vote to choose the successor of the president. Majority of the country had voted to oust Park from her position according to surveys by local news outlets. However, many worried that the replacement of Park Geun-hye could further polarise and cause South Korean to completely destabilise.

South Korean police were ready for any sudden protests wearing complete riot gear. All military and police were on heightened alert after the court decision. Park’s supporters were angered and anguished over the ruling. Anti-Park protesters burned an effigy of Park Geun-hye dressed in prison clothes and tied up with a rope.