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Islamic State Captures Palmyra on Sunday Despite Heavy Russian Fortifications

Islamic State forces have systematically captured the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria last Sunday. Russian airstrikes did not deter the efforts of the Islamic militants. This is the second time the group has secured the ancient city — whose destruction of historic landmarks are attributed to.

According to reports, the city’s defences had collapsed due to heavy Russian bombing and Syrian regime force ground assaults. An Islamic State reinforcement call to Raqqa had helped the Islamic State secure the city once again.

According to Syrian Rebels, the Islamic State is preying on the thinned forces of the Syrian Regime to recapture lost cities in earlier battles. Syria has concentrated its attacks against Syrian opposition rebels to reclaim the capital Aleppo diverting resources and manpower from other regions into the key area.

Russia’s air strikes only helped to force militants out of the city centre overnight. The following day, militants have captured the ancient Crusader Castle and they have wrested control from the Syrian regime in Palmyra once again. Russian forces report that they have killed more than 300 militants from their 64 air strikes throughout the day.

It was in March when regime forces first captured the city of Palmyra from the Islamic State. It was seen as the biggest reversal of the conflict against the Islamic State.