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Ecuador Hit By Aftershocks After 7.8 Magnitude Saturday Earthquake

Barely recovering from Saturday’s immense earthquake, Ecuador is rocked once again by a 6 magnitude earthquake.

The earthquake on Saturday is the first Ecuador has faced in four decades. The earthquakes had killed about 587 people with thousands still missing.

The new magnitude-6 earthquake had struck around 62 miles north-northwest of Portoviejo with a depth of six miles, according to the US Geological Survey.

The local authorities have yet to estimate anything on injuries or damages in the area.

Saturday’s earthquake was the worst to hit the South American country in decades and had cost the country about £2.1 billion in damages.

Foreign aid and experts have arrived in the area to assess the situation. About 14,000 security personnel had been deployed in the area to prevent looting.

Supplies have been moved to the main towns and shelters set up for more than 25,000 people in football stadiums and airports, but badly damaged roads have delayed transport.

One man, asked to stay calm by an official at a food distribution point outside the town of Pedernales, showed his frustration.

“I can be patient,” he shouted back. “But not the children! They are crying.”

Trump “Almost Thrown Overboard” By Wisconsin Loss

Wisconsin played out differently from what Presidential Hopeful and US Favourite Donald Trump thought it would be.

Ted Cruz took Wisconsin primary with majority of delegates voting in favour of the Wisconsin-endorsed GOP representative.

Cruz secured his victory in the Badger State’s Republican primary Tuesday. Trump finished in second.

About 42 delegates in the states had gone to Cruz. Nationwide, he has about 18 delegates.

However, he’s still far behind to chase after Donald Trump, who has won majority of the delegates in different states.

His poor performance in WIsconsin was attributed to a poor contextual reading.

Wisconsin, first viewed as a white-majority state, is far from ideological and is more secular at best according to political analysts.

Trump had insulted Republican Scott Walker and Paul D. Ryan. Walker had endorsed Ted Cruz to Winsconsin, stating that “if you’ve liked what we’ve done to Wisconsin, it would be wise to vote Cruz”.

Trump, meanwhile, will need very strong performances across the Northeast, California, and other states including Indiana and West Virginia.

Analysts believe Trump can achieve the following but it also means doing away with unnecessary fracas that could ruin his political tactics.