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Rohingya Refugees To Be Resettled To Gambia

According to Gambia of West Africa, it would take all Rohingya Refugees as part of its “sacred duty” to care for its Muslim brothers.

Rohingya refugees from Myanmar sail to seek employment in Malaysia

Currently, refugees from Rohingya, Myanmar are drifting in the seas of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Gambia said that “as human beings and fellow Muslims,” it is their duty to help alleviate the sufferings and hardships of their brothers.

The country had also appealed to the international community to provide support in the form of tents, bedding, household materials and medicines to help their country develop lands and camps that would guarantee sanitary conditions.

The United States has announced its support for the resettlement of the Rohingya refugees.

According to State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harif, the United States would take a lead role in any multi-country effort.

Harif said the US is carefully looking at Malaysia and Indonesia’s request to re-settle the refugees.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had appealed for migrants to be rescued. The UN refugee agency said nearly 3,000 people were left to drown at sea after smugglers dropped them off as Thailand’s crackdown disrupted the smuggling routes.

Major Calls On Voters: Don’t Let Labour and SNP Tear Britain Apart!

According to former Conservative Prime Minister Sir John Major, Labour and SNP could possibly “divide and rule” by turning the “rich against the poor and the worker against the boss.”

Major said that the idea of a Labour-SNP government would mean a division between peoples.

Major said that growing up with Labour, the party divides to rule. They will win votes by dividing the rich against the poor.

Major said that the country needs unity and not more separation during the election.

Prime Minister David Cameron intends to continue his 36-hour non-stop tour of hte country by convincing voters not to vote for extreme change by putting in place Milliband and the SNP. Cameron had gone far off to say that Miliband is a “con” that intends to put himself into Downing Street.

Meanwhile, Former Prime Minister Sir John Major had been called by the Tories from time to time to convince the people during moments of national importance. He had warned about the dangers of having Scottish Independence for the rest of the United Kingdom.

He had also warned people in a column that the “short-term attraction” of voting for a minority party would get Britain nowhere. He said that the Tories build up the UK’s economy but Labour will wreck it.