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Mid-East Flight Passenger Caught With £500,000 Cash Hidden in Suitcase

A flight passenger travelling from New York to the Middle East had been caught travelling with thousands of pounds hidden away in food packets, trainers, and health products.

Abdulkarim Altareb travelled to the JFK airport on 1 March having large wads of money hidden in different areas and items of his suitcase. The 48-year old Yemen flew from Qatar. He said the family was for his “really big family.”

He said the money was his two brothers’ money and they were trying to construct a building in Yemen.

Upon interrogation, the original account from the US Customs and Border Protection officers said:

“The defendant also said, in sum and substance, that some of the money was his money and some of the money belonged to his family, and that he has a big family.”

A source from law enforcement said no indication the money could be used to fund terrorist activities. However, Abdulkarim Altareb had been charged with bulk cash smuggling and he will be tried in court this week. He was also denied bail during his first hearing.