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Ukraine Urged to Be More Aggressive. NATO Declares Ukraine Separatists “Threatening”

The international community had urged the Ukrainian Government to be “more aggressive” in handling the Ukraine separatists. After the separatists breached the ceasefire, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko had called on UN peacekeepers.

He said that the guarantee of a ceasefire is impossible if the “promise of peace is not being kept.”

The Ukrainian separatists have invaded the town of Debaltseve despite the ceasefire agreed upon the previous week. Around 2,500 Ukrainian military personnel had been moved out of the town on Wednesday. Despite the withdrawal, six soldiers and 100 were wounded as the separatists moved in.

According to Ukrainian Separatist Spokesman Eduard Basurin, the town was now “completely under the control” of the separatists. They are only cleaning up the “scattered” pockets of resistance that were being neutralised.

The US White House said that the separatists and Russia had failed to comply with the terms of agreement they’ve signed in Minsk last week.

However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the rebels did not violate the ceasefire because it was a rebel-held territory during the time.

Analysts view that the loss of Debaltseve could be a great problem for Ukraine’s Military. Because of its position as a transport hub between the separatist-invaded cities of Donetsk and Luhansk, it could serve as a fortified position against any military attack.

TransAsia Airways Crash Kills 31 People. Fifteen Survive.

Around 31 passengers had been killed when a TransAsia aircraft wobbled across Taiwan’s skies, hit a taxi and a bridge before it fell on the shallow waters of the Keelung River.

Onboard a dashcam, a motorist captures the flight’s final moments and as it hits the taxi and the bridge.

The TransAsia flight GE235 carried a total of 58 people. Twelve of the passengers were still missing while 15 of them have survived the ordreal

The taxi driver and his passenger were reported safe, only sustaining slight injuries after the attack.

Emergency first respond teams had crowded the plane and looked for passengers, many of which wore life vests and floated towards safety.

Cranes have lifted the wrecked airplane on to the bank. The death toll was expected to rise. Rescue teams have recovered the black box.

A few moments after its take-off, a GE235 pilot transmitted a mayday message:

“Mayday, Mayday, engine flameout”

According to Wu Jun-hong, a Taipei Fire Department Official who are part of the rescue mission, things were not looking too good.

The plane came from Taipei Songshan and was due to arrive to the Kinmen Islands.

Meanwhile TransAsia had issued its official apology and had contacted the 22 Taiwanese passengers’ relatives on board the plane. They had also attempted to reach the relatives of the Chinese nationals.