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The Obama Administration’s Possible Troubles With the Kobane Campaign.

Political analysts said that Obama’s coalition against the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria has brought down all it fought for in the Middle East a decade ago. They said that the US had not expected the rise of the IS, which has made the situation worse for Western interests in the area.

According to Jerusalem Post’s Noah Beck, Obama has “clumsily departed” from Iraq following great military mismanagement and his refusal to intervene in Syria during the worsening Syrian Civil War. He said that the non-intervention and his refusal to have the US involved had created power for the Islamic State.

He also said that Obama’s air strikes had been late. More delays would have meant a drastic geographic change in the Mosul Dam. Beck pointed out that Obama did not have to wait for beheadings of American journalist to urge them to battle. He pointed out that Obama may have needed to have the consent of the American public before taking action.

Beck also said that letting Kobane fall will mean he betrayed the Kurds fighting on the ground. The Kurdish Peshmerga are the only forces capable of stopping the Islamic State’s advances. Obama’s unwillingness to provide any additional support will cost it a bigger ally other than the Kurds. Iran is the center of Shiite Muslim power, the mortal enemy of the Sunni, which includes the IS.


IS ‘Manifesto’ Shows Intent to Invade Iran for Nuclear Technology Development

An Iraqi Special Forces group had seized perforated documents that indicated much of the Islamic State’s ‘manifesto’ in the Middle East. The document, written by the group’s secret six-man war cabinet member Abdullah Ahmed al-Meshedani, said that the IS plans to invade Iran, seize its nuclear technology to weapons of mass destruction with the help of Russia. In exchange, Russia will have access to the gas fields controlled by Iraq’s Anbar province.

Then, Russia will have to abandon support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and then support the Gulf States fighting against Iran.

In the manifesto, plans for ethnic cleansing had been laid out. Plans for eugenics and intelligence gathering operations were also proposed in the document to expand the Islamic State’s self-declared Caliphate.

Meshedani is well-known as the commander of the infamous suicide bombers of the IS. He had discussed in his manifesto the elimination of Shia Iran’s power and destroying the Shia ascendancy in Iraq.

The IS’ brutality extends towards its members as Meshedani wrote that intelligence operatives will eliminate their own leaders if they deviate from the goals of the manifesto and as agreed of the Islamic State.

the IS had become notorious for its beheadings of western hostages and its swift invasion of several territories in northern Iraq. However, its gains are slowly lost after the United States and several members of its terrorist coalition had called on air strikes against its territories.