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Israel Banned Flights By The FAA

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) of the United States had warned against flight to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport due to increased armed activity. The KLM of the Netherlands, Air France and other Israel-direct flight providers have stopped flights going to the Ben Gurion airport. Delta’s jet was the first to divert its aircraft after reports of rocket fire and debris were reported near the airport.

British Airways was the only one to maintain their flights to Israel.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had asked US Secretary of State John Kerry to restore Israel’s aviation security. However, an anonymous White House official indicated that the US government may not try to overrule the FAA.

The security issue follows the MH17’s tragedy as it flew over the Ukrainian warzone and rocket fire had shot down the aircraft, resulting to the deaths of 298 passengers.

Meanwhile, Israel continues its offensive against the Hamas and Gaza, reaching a total civilian kill count of 600 deaths.

The UN’s Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said that the Israel-Gaza situation is taking a critical point as they are nearing a possible truce between the two countries. However, he had not shared any details as he deems the situation “highly sensitive.”


Funeral of Killed Palestinian Teenger Awaited by Nation

The death of 17 year old Mohammed Abu Khedair in Jerusalem had sparked national outrage in Palestine, with skirmishes between Israeli Security Forces and Palestinians numbering more than 200 people. It had further inflamed tensions between Israel and Palestine, who both had dead teenagers in their respective countries. On Tuesday, Israel had its “day of mourning” for the three teenagers Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accuses Hamas of kidnapping and killing.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had condemned the killing of Khedair. The Palestinian public view it as a form of “revenge killing” by vigilante Israelis who seek vengeance for the death of the three youths in the West Bank.

Despite tensions, Hamas is caught in the crossfire, but it has neither admitted nor conceded to being responsible for the incident. However, Israeli officials had assaulted 34 areas in the West Bank known to be frequented by two prominent Hamas figures accused of committing the crime.

Palestinian militants in Gaza had launched rockets against Israel, who then retaliated in kind with air strikes on the territory on Thursday.

Abbas had accused Jewish settlers in Palestine responsible for the killing of Khedair. Hamas had also said that they will seek vengeance for the death of Khedair. Meanwhile, Netanyahu has the Israeli police investigating the crime to find out who had been responsible for the murder. He also urged restraint on all sides, including hardline Israelis who are “taking the law into their own hands.”