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UK Warned to Prepare for its Biggest Weekend Storm

The UK’s warm weather increasing to 20 degrees Celsius this week is also responsible for the unsettling conditions that have triggered heavy downpours and severe winds around the country. According to weather experts, South Britain may enjoy warmer temperatures in the next few days compared to the North.

However, UK citizens are warned to prepare for the “storm of the century” for the weekend. According to the Meteorological Office in the United Kingdom, many of the rains coming in the weekend will be very strong and could bring flooding in many areas of the country. He said that some rivers are starting to fill up.

According to the Vantage Weather Services, the heavy rains and winds are caused by low pressure wind systems entering the United Kingdom on Thursday and will continue to progress on Friday. Its entrance may alter the weather in the United Kingdom, bearing its brunt possibly on the weekend.

UK citizens are warned that Sunday could see gusts at the speed of 80kph along with heavy rain, making the storms one of the biggest in the world today. People are also warned with possible flooding and strucutural damage caused by the heavy winds. The storm may extend until Monday.

In general, weather experts warn that the country from October to the end of the year may face greater rainy and windy days, which they are warned to prepare for as well.

UK To Throw Out Undeserved Sentencing Cautions

Judges like to practice caution in the United Kingdom. What we mean is that they think twice before handing out a severe sentence. The problem is that some cases don’t deserve any caution whatsoever!

Undeserved Cautions

Crimes like rape, manslaughter and robbery are very, very serious crimes that inspire zero remorse from most people. It is for this reason that the Secretary of State for Justice, Mr. Chris Grayling, is throwing out all cautions for severe crimes.


“Quite simply, this is unacceptable and unfair on victims,” he told reporters. “That is why I am scrapping simple cautions for all of the most serious offenses and a range of other offenses that devastate lives and tear apart communities.”

Indeed. Last year alone, over 5000 cautions were issued to undeserving recipients. The sad thing is that cautions were handed out in many cases involving horrible, horrible things from child porn to child neglect:

  • 7 were handed out for cases involving child prostitution and pornography.
  • 183 were handed out for cases involving the publication of child pictures.
  • 268 were handed out for cases involving the possession of child pictures.
  • 1560 were handed out for casing involving cruelty to children.
  • 1543 were handed out for cases involving weapons.
  • 54 were handed out for cases involving class-A drugs.

The premise me of this new mindset is that simple cautions should only be afforded to low-level offenders who not only deserve a second chance, but who are more likely to succeed with their rehabilitation.

“Simple cautions can be an appropriate way for police to deal with low-level offending,” the Minister of State for Police and Criminal Justice, Mr. Damian Green, told reporters. “However, they are not suitable for criminals who commit serious offenses like rape or robbery, which can ruin victims’ lives.”